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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keegan's First Day of Pre K

Keegan's teacher, Mrs. York. (sorry this is blurry)

Momma and Keegan waiting to go into the school.

Keegan in front of the sign at school.

Just getting into the car for his first day of school.

Well, today was THE day. Keegan started a new chapter in his life.... Pre-Kindergarten! He did pretty well. A bit hesitant, but ended up having a great time! Momma on the other hand shed a few tears! (I hear that's normal!) So here are a few pictures from his first day. He has to wear a uniform. So today we chose the RED shirt! Enjoy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

THE 21 Grandchildren

My 3 Sons

The Quads - Lane, Bennett, Kaden & Emma

Our family at the Texas State Aquarium

Greg and the boys looking at the underwater Dolphin exhibit

Greg showing the boys a hermit crab

My big boy, Keegan Sean

Kaelen, Kendrick, Morgan and Keegan

Well, the 2010 Stamper/Morrisett Family Reunion has come and gone! We had a wonderful time with our family!!!

We started out our trip going to Corpus Christi, TX to visit friends! We had an amazing time! The boys got to see their Neanne and Pepaw, Mimi and Papa, Adrienne, Morgan (Momo), & Collin! All of these people hold a VERY special place in our hearts! We were also able to see many more friends during our stay there! Thanks to all who made an effort to see us while we were there! One of the highlights of going to Corpus Christi was going to the Texas State Aquarium. The boys LOVED it! Although it was very hot and humid we got to see lots of animals! Greg and I also got to have a date night! Our favorite babysitters were able to watch the boys... :) We went to Joe's Crab Shack out on the Bay! It was wonderful!

We continued on our journey to Abilene, TX. Some might wonder why we would have a family reunion in Abilene... well for several reasons. It's centrally located, my sisters house is big, and one of my other sisters just had a baby and lives there (she didn't want to travel) and who could blame her! Our final (hopefully) niece, and grandchild was born on July 15. Welcome to the world Sophia Marie Cobarruvias! We spent 5 days just playing and having a great time with family! All of us were there, minus one of my brothers and his wife. A TOTAL of 35 were in attendance! It was awesome!!! Of course we took a "grandchildren" photo! They turned out great! Trying to get 21 teens, toddlers, twenties and babies was quite a sight... Thanks ACU for having such a beautiful campus to take the picture...

We made it home on Saturday. We "go back on duty" on Wednesday. So we had a few days to unwind and get a few things done around the house! Our next big adventure will be Keegan starting Pre K in just a few weeks! I can't believe my Keegan is going to school...

Until next time...