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Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's July, Who Knew?!?!

So, we have been really busy for the last month or so. We are now moved into our home on campus, although it is not done! We are working through the kinks of that! Since our last post we have been to Nebraska to Soul Quest at York College! That is always a wonderful time for our family! Greg did an awesome job teaching a class! While we were there Kendrick had to get stitches in his upper lip. He was quite the trooper! Greg and I have our team meetings on Wednesdays, so the boys have started a mothers day out program at a church that is right next to the campus! They LOVE it! Keegan gets so excited to go to "school"! So here are a few pictures of the last few weeks and the activities we have been doing!

This is where Keegan likes to ride in the stroller now!

4th of July

The boys really love each other! They will give each other hugs! It is so cute!

The above pictures are of Kendricks stitches!

The three pictures above are of their first day of Mother's Day Out!

The next three are of getting ready to go!